iOS (iPhone/iPad)

„JusProg Kinderschutzbrowser“ für iPhone und iPad (iOS)

Stiftung Warentest has rated JusProg for iOS and Android as “good” (9/2020).
– best free product in the test.

Do your children use an iPhone or iPad from Apple? Then you can protect them from potentially harmful websites when surfing the Internet. To do this, install the “JusProg Parental Control Browser” from the Apple AppStore: JusProg Child-Protection-Browser

Every time you open a new website, the JusProg Child Protection Browser checks whether it is suitable for your child. For this purpose, your personal parent lists (if created) are retrieved, the state BPjM list, the positive list of the child search engine fragFINN as well as the JusProg filter list. In addition, self-classifications of website operators according to the age-de.xml standard are taken into account.

The level of protection is adapted to the age of your child, there are the age levels (known from films and computer games) from 0, from 6, from 12, from 16, from 18 (the latter for parent profiles). Choose the age level that suits your child’s stage of development.

NEW: JusProg e.V. has completely updated the parental control programme for iOS in 2019 and adapted it to the current state of technology. The child protection filter for iOS operating systems can now also switch Youtube, Google and Bing into SafeMode and includes additional filter functions.

If you have several children of different ages who use, for example, a shared iOS tablet or other mobile device, you can use the JusProg parental control programme with different profiles and individually set for each child the age level with which it should surf the Internet.

You know best what is good for your child. That is why you can additionally enable or block websites in the app if you wish.

The JusProg parental control browser for iPhone smartphones and iPad tablets works like a normal browser, but includes the protection function. So that your children do not simply bypass the protection accidentally or intentionally with another browser, you should block the other browsers in the iOS operating system for the children. This can be done with just a few clicks. You will receive instructions when you install the JusProg parental control browser for mobile devices.

Note on data protection: When your child surfs, the age levels recorded on the filter lists on the JusProg server (location: Germany) are queried. For this purpose, the domains accessed by your child are transferred. The transmission is anonymised, NO log of your child’s surfing behaviour is created. To improve the quality of the filter, the websites accessed are evaluated on the server, but with cumulative data of all users, so that the individual usage behaviour of your child can technically no longer be traced. All data is used exclusively to improve the quality of the JusProg filter list. No data will be passed on to third parties and no advertising etc. will take place.

Note: The JusProg youth protection programme for iOS is not yet subject to legal recognition.

Installation Guide for iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Safe surfing with the JusProg youth protection programme is also available for iOS. In the Apple App Store you can find the app for iPhone and iPad with the search word “JusProg”. The app can be used free of charge by customers of all mobile phone providers.

After installing the JusProg youth protection programme for iPhone/iPad, you can set up as many child profiles as you like in the app. Each child can be given an individual age level, then website visits are filtered according to the age level.

Technically, the JusProg app cannot control or block other installed apps on the smartphone or tablet, Apple does not allow this for security reasons. Therefore, for better circumvention security, you should prohibit in the settings that the children can use other browsers (Safari) or install other browsers. You will receive information and instructions on how to do this when you install the iOS app.

With your parent password, you can later activate or block additional websites for each individual child or for all your children at any time via the parent lists.

You can find more information and help here