The age.xml / age-de.xml label

The Interstate Treaty on the Protection of Minors in the Media (JMStV) obliges providers of content that is potentially harmful to development (i.e. content from age 16) and all larger commercial providers to “program” their website for a youth protection program. What is meant by this is that the provider should install a so-called website label in the age.xml / age-de.xml format on their website. This is a simple file that the website provider places in a specific location on the server (root). Ideally, the xml file contains the necessary age information for the entire website, but individual pages can also be given individual age ratings. Parental control programs can read this age information and then, if necessary, block page access for minors. The JusPorg software also takes age.xml and age-de.xml into account. The overlapping file age.xml is valid internationally, the file age-de.xml is valid especially for Germany.

From the idea the age-de.xm file is something similar to the Google Sitemap or the robots.txt, only for age classes. The file is also located in the same place on the server. There are like with movies or computer games from 0, from 6, from 12, from 16 and from 18 years.

We offer a free label generator, which can be used to create suitable age.xml and age-de.xml files within minutes without any technical knowledge: JusProg Label Generator

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