JusProg Youth Protection Programme for macOs

You can also set up a safe surfing room on Macintosh computers and Macbooks with JusProg. The age levels from 0, from 6, from 12, from 16 are available.

JusProg offers user-friendly software for MacOS as part of JusProgDNS, which allows you to create and manage child profiles with individual age levels on Macbook and Macintosh desktop computers. When a child or parent logs in, all necessary settings are made automatically. The JusProg parental control programme for MacOS is protected against unauthorised uninstallation.

The link to the software download and step-by-step instructions for installing JusProgDNS on the Mac or Macbook are available here:

Mac-Jugendschutzprogramm (Software) and JusProgDNS forMac:

You can find more information and help here

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