How the JusProg parental control works

The JusProg-Jugendschutzprogramm parental control is a free software that you install on your computer with a Windows operating system. There is also a (not officially governmentally recognized) version for smartphones with an Android operating system.

While your child surfs the internet, the JusProg software checks in the background whether the requested web page is appropriate for the child’s age. If the website is suitable for his age, then it is displayed. If the requested content may not be age-appropriate, a so-called blocking page appears rather than the website.

When you install the software, enter the age of your child. The age categories are the from 0, from 6, from 12, from 16 years. Regardless from your child’s actual age you yourself can define in which age group your child is surfing – because you know your child and his educational development best.

Important to know: Until age 12 all web pages unknown to the system are blocked as a precaution. For younger kids the internet space is smaller, but safer. From age 12 all unknown pages are displayed. Your growing child thus has a huge internet space as there is almost no filter installed. But since JusProg can not know all the websites in the world, the level of protection is lower. JusProg preferably filters the sites often called in Germany by minors.

The JusProg parental control can also manage multiple users on a computer. So you can, for example, specify that a child in the age group “from 6 years” is sometimes surfing and that the older siblings are “from 12 years” in age. The software uses the “Windows User” for the user management which you can easily set up in the Windows operating system.

You as a parent can surf the internet on the same computer completely without limits. You either define a separate user account with “over 18 years” or “free” or switch off the filtering using the small JusProg icon at the bottom right of the screen (next to the clock).

Overview of the advantages of the JusProg parental control

  • Free, no banners, no registration
  • Filtering according to age levels that the parents themselves specify
  • Several users of different ages possible on one computer
  • Adults continue surfing without restrictions
  • Easy to install without special technical knowledge
  • JusProg e.V. is a nonprofit organization without profit motive

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