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“JusProg für iOS (iPhone/iPad)”

The JusProg e.V. app for iOS does not collect any personal data to be transmitted to JusProg e.V. or third parties. Parents create profiles for themselves and their children and can freely assign user names and passwords as well as assign age groups to the children. This data is only stored in the app and is not accessible to JusProg or other third parties.
For the functionality of the iOS youth protection programme, it is unavoidable that when a user (child) calls up a website, the app transmits the domain called up and the age level in real time to a JusProg server (location: Germany) in order to receive information from there as to whether the website should be displayed or blocked for the age level. This data exchange is encrypted. No surfing logs or IP addresses are stored on the server and, for statistical reasons (to improve the filter list), data on the frequency with which websites are called up is only recorded cumulatively; it is not technically possible to calculate back to an individual user.
When a website is called up, the app attempts to retrieve information on age classification under the same domain; this is usually done by calling up domain.tld/age-de.xml and domain.tld./age.xml. These calls are made anonymously without any personal information about the user. Technically, IP addresses are always transmitted with calls on the internet, even when calling up normal websites.

Connection with the JusProgManager

The JusProg app for iPhone and iPad can either be installed only on the smartphone or tablet with iOS operating system (“stand alone”) or connected (paired) with the JusProgManager. The JusProgManager is a convenient parent application with which child accounts and other settings can be administered remotely. For information on data exchange with JusProgManager, please refer to its privacy policy.

The iOS app works as a browser with child protection functionality. The technical basis is the Safari browser provided by Apple.

Data Protection Officer
Daniela Hansjosten
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