EN Privacy Policy for
“JusProg für Windows”

We take data protection very seriously. That is why you and your child can download, install and constantly use the JusProg youth protection programme without registering and without providing personal data.

However, we would like to inform you transparently about the data exchange that must take place in order for the JusProg youth protection programme to function.

When installing the Windows software, you will be asked for consent to data processing and will receive information about this. Everything is described in detail in the help function of the software in the data protection section.

While your child is surfing the internet, the software (this applies to both the Windows software and apps for smartphones and tablets) “asks” JusProg’s data centre whether the website accessed is suitable for your child’s age group or whether it is potentially harmful or even dangerous. In addition to the web address (URL), the age group, but not the date of birth, is transmitted to the JusProg server. Since the entire internet is based on IP addresses (this is something like your internet postcode, which, however, changes daily in most private households), this must also be transmitted so that the answer from the server finds its way back to the software. The server is located in Germany. Names, addresses or other personal data are not transmitted.

On the JusProg server, the requested websites are immediately summarised for statistics. It is therefore technically impossible to create individual surfing profiles per child with the statistics, even afterwards. The statistics are only used to improve the filter quality, because frequently accessed websites are checked with priority by the JusProg team.

In addition to the filter list query, the JusProg software for Windows checks at regular intervals whether there is an update for the software to improve it. This is also done by anonymous “request” on the JusProg servers. No data is stored during this process. You can switch off the automatic update request in the Windows software.

Connection with the JusProgManager

The JusProg app for JusProgNET can either be installed only on the computer with Windows operating system (“Stand Alone”) or connected (paired) with the JusProgManager. The JusProgManager is a convenient parent application with which child accounts and other settings can be administered remotely. For information on data exchange with JusProgManager, please refer to its privacy policy.

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