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JusProg is available for desktop and android smartphones
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    Download version: JusProg_Win_8_1_23.exe

    JusProg parental control software for notebooks and desktop computers with Windows 10/8/7

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    Important information about download and installation

    Here you can receive the latest JusProg software (JusProg-Jugendschutzprogramm) to download. Click the right mouse button on the link and save the software to any location on the computer where you will find it easily. Then start the installation process by double-clicking on the icon of the downloaded software JusProg-Jugendschutzprogramm.

    IMPORTANT: Temporarily disable your antivirus program during installation. In most cases this can be done by clicking the right mouse at the button on the icon for the antivirus bottom right of the screen, next to the clock to ensure error-free installation.

    Note for users of Avast anti-virus protection

    The functions for filtering encrypted pages (HTTPS) of the Avast virus protection and JusProg youth protection program currently interfere with each other, so by default no HTTPS pages can be accessed with the Avast antivirus using the JusProg-Jugendschutzprogramm parental control software.

    You can disable the so-called “HTTPS Scanning” in the Avast software. To do so, access the configuration window of Avast (by clicking on the Avast icon on the bottom right, next to the clock), select “Settings” and choose “Active Protection” and then “Web protection – Customize”. Here you can uncheck “HTTPS Scanning”.

    The problem is not known for us so far regarding other antivirus software.

    Desktop Installation Guide

    Download the installation file and open it.

    Click through the installation menu. Be sure to select your parents password, a security question and configure the age group for which you want to allow web pages for your child.

    If you later want to change settings: Open the JusProg-Jugendschutzprogramm from the desktop or from the Start menu. Enter your parent password. You now have the possibility to make further settings. For further help regarding JusProg parental control software, please see our FAQs. Alternatively, you can also click on the help section of the software on the links at the right.

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    “Child Protect” App for Android-Smartphones (Google Play Store)

    NOTE: Due to changes in the Android operating system the Child Protect app (JusProg-Jugendschutzprogramm for smartphones in collaboration with Vodafone) does not work from Android version 6.x and in some cases is even not reliable at Android 5.x. This issue is technically not solvable, so “Child Protect” is set off in fall of 2016 unfortunately. We hope to offer an alternative by then.

    The smartphone version of JusProg parental control was not subject to state approval by KJM.

    IMPORTANT: The mobile phone will recognize the native location of the SIM card. In countries other than Germany it may happen that you cannot use the JusProg website filtering by using the Child Protect App.

    Smartphone Installation Guide

    Safe Surfing with the JusProg Jugendschutzprogramm parental control is also available for smartphones. In cooperation with Vodafone GmbH, JusProg e.V. offers a parental control app “Vodafone Child Protect” for smartphones with the most widely used Android operating system.
    The app is free of charge for customers of all mobile service providers.

    The JusProg-Jugendschutzprogramm app for parental control for smartphones is available for free in the Google Play store. Search the Android smartphone in the Play Store for the words “Vodafone Child Protect”.

    For full protection for mobile surfing two apps have to be installed on the phone: “Vodafone Child Protect” (main app) and “add-on to Vodafone Child Protect” (controls the bypass security). Start with installation of the main app. During installation, you can install the add-on app.

    For detailed instructions on installation and settings, see here (pdf). By using the Vodafone Child Protect app you make the Android smartphone a “child protection mobile phone” with a few clicks – with a protective function for the mobile phone to suit the age of your child.

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