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  • JusProg e.V. operates the only parental control software available publicly and across companies in Germany with official state approval. With JusProg you provide legal access to your web content for all allowed audiences at any time for the protection of minors. This is without annoying query mechanisms, age verification or registration areas. The legal basis for this is governmental approval of the JusProg parental control system pursuant to Art. 11 Youth Media Protection Treaty (JMStV). Find out details via your youth protection officer or a specialized online youth protection lawyer (sorry, we are not allowed to provide legal advice).

    Join JusProg e.V. as a member to keep the JusProg system fit for the future and to ensure a common solution for the protection of minors in the long run – thus securing the governmental approval and your business models on an ongoing basis.

    Take responsibility and support online youth protection in close contact with politicians and authorities.

    The registered organization was founded on 27 March 2003 in Hamburg. It was recognized as a non-profit organization by the Tax Office Hamburg-Nord with note from 25. March 2004 and can issue donation receipts.

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    In Europe there is a technical standard for a youth protection label for age classification of websites. The age.xml / age-de.xml label is backed by the MIRACLE project co-financed by the European Union and officially established by the criteria for parental control programs by the Commission for Youth Media Protection in Germany (KJM). An integration of these labels is useful. JusProg has age.xml and age-de.xml labels already incorporated into its filtering software.

    Many large to small website operators have already installed an age-de.xml label, including almost all German private TV broadcaster from RTL to Pro7 and Sky, many gaming portals, Youtube,, to mention only some of many examples, and also almost all federal media authorities, several other government websites and all self-regulation bodies in Germany.

    In Germany the age-de.xml label for website providers is mandatory, for those who want to protect minors from the contents of their website according to Art. 11 JMStV. The age.xml file applies internationally. Our label generator creates both files at the same time – it’s best to download both files to your webserver (plus the miracle.xml file).

    Does your entire site contain similar content and is it thus for the same age group (the label is done in a few minutes)? Or do you want individual age classification for individual pages on your website (somewhat more complex, but quite possible)? Both cases are supported by our free label generator.

    The labels are simple XML files that you upload to the top level of your webserver (public directory, where the robots.txt is located).

    To the Label Generator

    The installation of age.xml / age-de.xml labels is simple: You need the age class for your website. You can get this asking your youth protection officer or by taking the online questionnaire of the FSM (click). Once you know the age class, install suitable age.xml / age-de.xml on your server. The site may have an age group for the entire site or individual age groups per individual single webpages.

    Answers regarding age.xml / age-de.xml website label

    For what type of websites is age.xml / age-de.xml label useful?

    Basically as far as possible, all commercial or larger sites and also private ones should provide an age.xml / age-de.xml label. The valid German Youth Media Protection State law (JMStV) requires in Article 11.5: “Persons providing or making accessible telemedia content in a professional capacity or on a major scale shall also fit content which does not raise any concern regarding children or adolescents with a certified system for the protection of minors to the extent to which this is not unreasonable and can be realised without undue expenditure.” The age group of the site is directly provided in the age.xml / age-de.xml label so that the parental control software can read it. There are age groups from 0, from 6, from 12, from 16 and from 18 years (as in computer games and movies). Especially important is the installation of age-de.xml labels for websites with content that may not be suitable for minors under 16 years old. In the age group 16 providers then have real benefits by installing relevant age-de.xml labels, as they can benefit from the so-called “privilege” because of governmental approval of the JusProg parental control program. This enables them to show their content around the clock and with appropriate labels.

    Does the age.xml / age de-xml labels cost the webmaster any money?

    No. Creation of labels with our label generator and the installation are free for the site operator. But to ensure that the JusProg-Jugendschutzprogramm continues to be approved by law and thus remains “privileged” according to Art. 11 JMStV, you should support JusProg e.V. with a membership.

    How can I provide my website with a age.xml / age-de.xml label?

    To make your work easier, we have developed a label generator. Please click here. The Label Generator automatically creates both an individual age.xml and an individual age-de.xml label file for your site to your specifications. Creation and installation of labels is usually done within a few minutes (for sites of one age group).

    How can I suggest my website for the JusProg filter list or check an existing classification?

    Please enter your URL here. Our youth protection staff members (Netagents) will visit the website and possibly add it to the filter list or change an existing age classification if necessary. But do note that recording on to the JusProg filter list does not prevent you from the obligation that may exist to provide your site with the age.xml / age-de.xml label.

    My website has a wrong age rating on the filter list. What should I do?

    Our Netagents rate the sites carefully and to the best of their knowledge and belief, multiple crawlers / spiders are also at work for a sophisticated automatic age rating system. Nevertheless, we can make mistakes. Please either write an e-mail with your contact details stating the domain (URL) that in your oppinion is wrongly rated on the filter list to support [at], or enter the domain in our check tool. We will check asap and already apologize for any wrong ratings. Please keep in mind that the list is designed for minors. Vendors of websites with erotic content, in particular of paid services for adults, should fear no revenue loss because of the filter list. If you still want to insist that your site be deleted from the list, we will usually fulfill this request. However, in this case we reserve the right to pass the Internet address to the youth protection authorities to check. By law, a true harm of children or adolescents need not be detected. The presumption of impairment is sufficient – this is oriented to the more disadvantaged children, not the smartest in their age.

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